You’re here to meet ME!?!

Well I’m glad to have ya!

I’m Amanda, the creator, owner, and lead photographer behind Lover and Beloved. I’m an adventurer, a day-dreamer, a wearer of many hats, and an avid coffee drinker (basic, I know).

I love to be barefoot whenever possible. Praising Jesus as often as possible. And laughing as LOUD as possible.

I’ve been on this photography journey for almost four years and have loved every single moment of it. The self-teaching, the late night editing, the colabs and the styled shoots, the struggle to find my asthetic, and embracing the fear of transitioning to full-time.

And no, I am NOT for everyone. If you’re looking for the photographer who’s going to tell you stand perfecting still and “smile”, I’m probs not for you. My couples are adventurous, climb a mountain, run free, kind of people. They let their hair down.

I photograph adventurous elopements, intimate weddings, and rad couples in Colorado and am SO. DOWN. TO. TRAVEL!!!!!!!!

fun facts:

All about the experience

Why does snapping some pictures matter so much??? Because your love story matters. Your love story deserves it’s own soundtrack. It’s own epic, slow motion, swaying close, ending credits. And it deserves a beautiful album you’ll cherish for years to come. Over anniversaries and family holidays, when the kids come home to visit. I have developed such a deep love for photographing couples over the last few years. Getting to save a moment in time that can never be duplicated. The wild way we love each other is the most beautiful thing on earth. And from the second you inquire with me, I want to make your experience go above and beyond all your expectations. As soon as you book, you will receive my full wardrobe guide and we’ll start planning out the best spots to capture your looovveee (; We will have a lot of back and forth to get to know each other and make sure we’re totally comfortable being our silly, goofy, lovey selves come the day of our shoot. And THAT is when all the fun starts! If you’re looking for some stiff, awkward “prom poses”, you should probably look elsewhere. My sessions are WILD, FUN, MESSY, UNTAMED, and INTIMATE. I try to incorporate a lot of movement in my images and truly try to bring your love to life in front of my camera. Don’t get me wrong I WILL direct you, you won’t ever have to think, “what do I do with my hands”, but I try very hard to stay away from any stale, forced posing. At the end of your session I hope above all else that you walk away feeling like you had the time of your life with you S.O. and that you can look at your images and remember the moments you created together.

“oh. my. gosh. these are so amazing and blowing me away. it’s everything I had hoped and dreamed and envisioned. You have a God given gift to tell stories. Don’t ever stop doing this you’re amazing. We couldn’t be happier!!”-Kyanna